Sorrowstones and Shardstorms

Finders Keepers


ThK!as the Thri-kreen Barbarian lay down in the pit that, up until recently, had housed the Crown of Dust. He refused to move, or even acknowledge the presence of others. All he said was “Sand. Sand? Sand!” over and over again.

Meanwhile, Aramil the Eladrin Wizard stepped into the Lands Within the Wild.

As the remaining Freaks marvelled at the approaching Slither, the Face in the Stone began to crumble behind them, with Kaz still inside and Aramil nowhere to be seen.

Ember, a Tiefling Swordmage, has been spying on Yarnath the Lich on behalf of the Veiled Alliance. She was the original source of the information provided by Birk Suntouched to Dassalius and Aramil in Altaruk – that the Lich Yarnath, a leader of the Chaln Khodre cult, is also looking for the Crown of Dust and its Blood Jewel centrepiece.

Hyunyah, the Gnoll Matriacrh was using Ember as her bodyguard, partially to protect herself from her feral underlings.

Maximus Sanazar the Mul Warlord was in charge of the House Shom expedition. A week ago his caravan was attacked by a creature using a psionic wave of fear. Some of the dwarves ended up in the Face in the Stone and became desiccated Salt Zombies. Others were captured by the crystal spiders and used as bait at the abandoned wagons.

Maximus and five others were captured by desert raiders and poked and prodded while taken to Slither. When the Gnoll force disembarked Slither, Hyunyah chopped up one of the dwarves on the block in the chariot, and threw chunks to her troops. They used their meathooks as utensils and powerful jaws to crack bones, then headed out to take on the Freaks – running on all fours with weapons on their back and a meathook on their belt.

Maximus was there as the reward for success (with some dotted lines marked for easier cutting), but Ember gave him a knife to free himself. Hyunyah’s rallying speech:

“Did you like that, well bring me the Crown and you can feast on this tasty Mul! We must be done before sunset or our lord will let loose the Imawgri.”

The Freaks defeated the pack of gnolls and fled on Hyuunyah’s kank chariot

Prior to leaving, Ember set up an explosion where Slither’s foreleg meets its body. This caused Slither to collapse and mad it impossible to do more than walk around in a circle. Ember has one explosive Silver Wind Obsidian statue remaining.

At the end of the fight Ember uses a Veiled Alliance hand signal to communicate with the Freaks.



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