Sorrowstones and Shardstorms

Marauders of the Dune Sea


The adventurers known throughout Altaruk as the Freaks have taken on a new job.

It started with dreams of the massive Face in the Stone, the rumoured resting place of the Crown of Dust, an artifact connected to the lost primordial Ul-Athra.

The dreams showed some frightened dwarves running into the mouth of the Face.

It turned out that these dwarves are from House Shom, merchants specializing in digging up and working with stone and more exotic materials.

Master Shank has promised to pay the Freaks a bounty for any healthy members of the expedition that are returned to him in Altaruk. So far, the Freaks have only found dead dwarves – used by Crystal Spiders as bait and turned into salt zombies by the Face in the Stone

The Freaks discovered that they had been followed on their trek by the Red Chord mercenaries, who had been hired by parties unknown. Darok the Mul Gladiator, J’narr the Gith Drone and Kalla the Goliath Enforcer were shown no mercy.

The Freaks also encountered Blazing Skeletons and a massive Dust Wyrm, but their only reward was one third of the Crown. The Crown fragment remembers things from before it was sundered but does not know where the other parts can be found.

The dust devil that was moving and concealing the Face in the Stone is no more. After a long rest, the Freaks emerge to see the massive skeletal fortress Slither slowly approaching. It seems that Yarnath the Lich has discovered the Crown’s resting place. Is he too late or just in time?



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