Sorrowstones and Shardstorms

Return to Altaruk

Thanks to Ember for these notes.


The session began with the team making tracks away from Slither, with 3 rescued dwarves, some precious informations, and the Blood Jewel now in our possession.

With the crown fragment now bonded to the pyromaniac Red, and the blood jewel now affixing itself to the space above Ramsee’s head, it is pretty clear that whatever dark plans Yarnath had for these artifacts couldn’t possibly be as bad as what is going to happen.

We spotted a few potential ambushers, then a probable ambush site, and in the words of a great Jedi faced with a trap, “we spring the trap.” Ahh, some bird men, blasted from existence with a bug area burst, a villainous tiefling, stabbed from existence by a crystal spider fang dagger, and a few wraiths, who’s existence was tied to a sorrowstone which Maximus got all pushy about, causing the wraiths all sorts of trouble.

Yes, the Sorrowstone. Here there was a ‘philosophical’ disagreement. Maximus wanted such an icon of evil utterly destroyed. Ramsee wanted an icon of evil. Slice it how you like, one has to wonder about that halfling. At the moment his heart is in the right place, but I am pretty sure his long term goal is to put said heart into a phylactery and seal it away in order to achieve immortality.

Anyway, a shardstorm threatened to crush us, and caught one of our rescue dwarves fair and square. Here we learned that the crown and the blood jewel both have a habit of protecting their owners from said falling chunks of wealth – err – obsidian. Ember protected the kanks that pulled our chariot.

We got back to town, and there Ramsee tried to drive a hard bargain, but completely blew the negotiation, and decided to ruin the Shom dwarves in spite. He was going to do something horrible to the orphanage and pin it on Shom, but instead found there were already people there trying to do horrible things. Not to be outdone, Red upped the horrible stakes and burned the place to the ground. The freaks do not negotiate with terrorists, or anyone really.

A battle ensued, and victory was had, at the expense of some agents of Hamanu – Sarhan and Gorbrak the Scarred. That is bad news, although the Freaks couldn’t comprehend how anything could be bad, least of all if that anything involved eating people.

Madness to the point of Sparta.

The team is now at a crossroads as to what to do next. Ember is taking some time to review the informations recovered from Yarnath, and is definitely keen to get out of the local area – She suspects that both Yarnath and Hamanu will take further action centered on here, and while the two sides are likely at loggerheads, Ember has no wish to be caught in between these two powerful factions.

Ember wishes to travel to Gulg for a number of reasons. Firstly, she needs to finish her mission, and report to her veiled alliance contacts. Ember is not the sort to trust others, so she will only give the Alliance the information they asked for, nothing more. Secondly, Ember wishes to rescue Silver Wind, and the information from Yarnath should serve as a tool to get the Alliance motivated to do the same. Thirdly, Ember wishes to cross-reference information Yarnath had on the Tree of Life with the information that the Alliance may hold, and possibly further information gleaned from Gulg’s own sorcerer-queen’s libraries. Ember has also let Maximus know that Maximus’ wife may be alive in Gulg.



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