Sorrowstones and Shardstorms



A group of six bedraggled Dragonborn arrived at the small oasis – their black scales shining in the sun. Two adult brothers, one married with three children, Red introduced himself to their leader, Klade, and learned the following.

At dusk the previous night Klade’s youngest child was taken and sacrificed in order to summon and bind the Imawgri. Yarnath the Skull has temporarily abandoned his research of the Blood Jewel and, after summoning the Imawgri, Yarnath started a long ritual to repair Slither and may be busy doing that for a couple of days.

Many raiders were also sent out in search of the Freaks. The Dray took this opportunity to escape Slither under the cover of darkness.

The Dray showed Red the best places to climb up Slither and onto its towers. The Freaks used this information to climb onto the Lich’s Ritual Tower and clear out the inhabitants in order to grab the Blood Jewel.

Meanwhile, Dassalius crept forward to rescue the three remaining dwarf prisoners. The fourth had already been used to fuel Yarnath’s ritual to repair Slither.

In addition to recovering the Blood Jewel, the Freaks took several small items of gold and silver plus a strange Obsidian Orb, with a mark reminiscent of the Shanthic Blade used by Dassalius.

From the tower, the Freaks now have complete rituals for Fruit of Healing (as Brew Potion), Create Primal Element and Silt Walk. There are also 2,000gp worth of ritual components.

In his research notes Yarnath speculates that, as the primordials Ul-Athra and Silver Wind were once lovers, Silver Wind may also have a connection to the Crown of Dust. Silver Wind is currently enslaved by Lalali-puy, the sorceror-queen of Gulg – the Forest City.

Yarnath has also researched the possible location of a Tree of Life, without success.



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