Birk Suntouched

Altaruk's homeless loon


This wide-eyed dwarf wanders the village and makes his living begging. He constantly mumbles nonsense regarding Kalak’s “secret prophecy”. He is dressed in voluminous rags that conceal many things.

A former gladiator, and trainer of gladiators, Birk’s special weapon is a set of wrist razors, which are commonly reeferred to as Thikes. He keeps them secreted about his person at all times.


Birk is an undercover member of the Veiled Alliance in Altaruk. He is the only member in Altaruk known to Ramsee and Dassalius.

Birk’s mad ramblings are an attempt to draw out members of the competing secret society, The True.

After discovering that Guard Captain Tellemon was a member of The True, Birk arranged for his assassination by a gladiator. The adventurers kept Birk’s involvement out of their investigation of the murder.

Birk Suntouched

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