Cassius Sanazar

Seven year-old son of Maximus


The boy’s first two years of life at a farm outside Urik were the best that could be expected for a slave on Athas. That ended when Cassius’ owner, Mistress Khesta, was defrauded and all her slaves were sold. Cassius remained with his mother Elisa, but he didn’t see his father Maximus for five years.

Elisa continued working as a potter for a few years until she and her son were sold to a House Cleash trader heading for Tyr. However, the merchant caravan was raided by slavehunters from Gulg. The young slaves were sold to Ulruun the Repugnant, who used and abused his property.

When Elisa resisted Ulruun’s sexual advances. Ulruun’s overseer severely beat her and Elisa lost a right eye. Some time later Ulruun managed to sell his damaged goods, along with the bright and hardworking Cassius, to Verung the Scribe. Soon after, Elisa disappeared but Verung cared well for the boy and taught him to read and write.

Now Maximus and Cassius have been reunited. They learned that Elisa was made to look like Ember the Tiefling, and killed horribly by a member of the Veiled Alliance.

Cassius is happy that Verung and Ulruun are now dead. Cassius knows from his mother’s stories that Athas was a better place before the Sorceror-Kings came along and hopes his father can deal with the other bad people.

Cassius Sanazar

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