A young tiefling woman, trained as a swordmage, and with a talent for explosive magic


Ember is a swordmage, and wields a longsword made of a single shard of obsidian – only the restoritive effects of her swordbond keep the otherwise brittle weapon in fighting shape.

She has a penchant for powers that employ fire, thunder or force, and a preference where possible for AoE powers or abilities that will improve her defender role.

Ember is also a Primal Guardian, with a modest amount of primal power bestowed to her via the imprisoned Primal Spirit Silverwind. This primal aspect however, is only a very minor part of her capabilities, but is still a useful contrast to her otherwise arcane powerset.


Ember is an unusually attractive tiefling by human standards, although who knows how other tieflings view her. Her own father sold her off as a slave when she was just a child. Her early life was harsh even by slave standards, as her cruel mistress would take out her frustrations on Ember as a way to bolster a deranged ego.

Ember was eventually rescued by the Veiled Alliance, although this was no act of charity – the Alliance felt her natural talents would simply be more valuable in their hands. For Ember’s part, she makes use of the Alliance for her own ends just as much, so the relationship there is one of mutual exploitation while their respective goals are compatible.

Ember is strong willed and independent, and reacts to authority poorly. While she is more than happy to work with others if it suits her, true cooperation requires her to feel ‘unthreatened’ by her would be comrades.

Ember’s magic is somewhat unusual, in that her fire magic is more than a simple flowering of combustive pyrotechnics. Instead, her attacks tend to manifest as firey detonations, flashes of seering heat, and booming shockwaves. This has forced her to rethink the way she uses certain of her spells, driving her away from the conventional use of wizardry and into her swordmage combat style. As she grows in magical understanding and control, her ability to manifest her explosive effects likewise changes and grows. What interests the Veiled Alliance though, is not the difference in spell effects and use, but rather the source of Ember’s power, which seems to be the arcane curse of her tiefling blood somehow influenced by the primal interaction of Silverwind. Ember may be a natural evolution of what the Gulag Oba is trying to create through forced experimentation. If Ember and the Veiled Alliance can crack those secrets first, it would be a powerful edge against that Sorcerer-Queen.

But Ember’s ambitions are her own. She would be free of the curse-debt of her tiefling heritage. And for that, she seeks to amass personal power enough to challenge destiny.

In an enocunter at a site of modest primal magic, Ember’s bloodline flared up, expressing its power with a temporary transformation into a more demonic form. While the power of this evolved form was useful, Ember is worried that the may be loosing control over her fate, and has redoubled her efforts to master her power, rather than be mastered by it.

With the passing of time, Ember feels she has enough control over her hellfire blood that it no longer masters her, and Ember is rediscovering her own magic with a greater degree of control and power. Combining this with more thorough martial weapons training, and her combat abilities have taken an evolutive step forward.


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