An enslaved half-giant ranger, minstrel for Lalali-Puy and a double-agent for Silver Wind's envoys


Kavaki is a mighty physical specimen with the strength of a killer and the grace of a dancer.

He wears hide armour and carries two long chilling Thailierian blades – ancient weapons forged from the claws of a Psurlon by the alien Shantha.


Kavaki’s earliest memories are of a yurt, living high in the Stormclaw Mountains with his tribe.

When Lalali-Puy’s slavehunters came, the young half-giant was taken to Gulg. He spent years being trained as a dancer, spy and assassin for the Sorceror-Queen.

For one mission, Kavaki infiltrated a a group of slaves planning a revolt. Kavaki got close to them like he was meant to, listened to the stories of the primal spirits enslaved by Lalali-Puy and saw that there could be something more to life than serving the Oba.

Rather than talk of killing the sorcror-kings, Kavaki listened to the rebels share their hopes for the future, how the sorcerer kings were a plague that were destroying the world. After he passed the ritual pipe to his left, he found himself remembering a time in the mountains just like this.

From that day Kavaki found himself working as a double-agent and later as the guardian of a rebel safe house.

When Ember had been freed and was smuggled out of the city, Kavaki could see her importance to the cause so he took great care in making sure there was nothing left to chance in her escape from Gulg.

It was during this intense time that they struck up a friendship. They share a zealous drive to release the primordials and maybe one day create new gods.

It all starts with the dragons and the tree of life.


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