Mul Warlord Gladiator


Maximus Sanazar is a bronze-skinned Mul wearing scorpion scale armour and carrying a lion-headed axe and massive shield.


Maximus Sanazar was born a slave in an orchard outside Urik, the City of Lions. His sirdar owner was Mistress Khesta, who was tough but fair with her possessions. Having seen how reasonably their parents had been treated by Mistress Khesta, Maximus and Elisa married and started a family. Elisa worked as a potter.

Unfortunately, Mistress Khesta fell victim to the machinations of a criminal gang and five years ago she went bankrupt. The older slaves ended their days in the obsidian mines and Maximus was separated from his young family and sold to the House Stel gladiator school.

Surrounded by the twelve iron sword-capped towers of House Stel, Maximus proved himself a mighty warrior and leader of men. Again and again he was cast into Urik’s jagged furnace of a gladiatorial arena – known as the Pit of Black Death – and he kept returning.

Ultimately, Maximus came to the attention of Hamanu, Sorceror-King of Urik as the last man standing in a field of corpses. Hamanu awarded him his freedom (although Hamanu only paid a pittance to Patriarch Haran Stel for his loss), which is affirmed on the haft of Maximus’ obsidian-edged lion’s head axe.

Offered the opportunity to command a brigade of Hamanu’s slave soldiers, Maximus politely declined and returned to the orchard. Here he learned that Elisa and his child had been sold to merchants of House Cleash and taken to Tyr. Maximus found no sign of them there and has been searching the whole region for any sign of their whereabouts.

To make ends meet, Maximus has been working as a caravan master, most recently for House Shom. Maximus asks everyone that he meets for word of his wife and child and finally he has received news. The Tiefling, Ember was once a slave in Gulg and briefly met the, now one-eyed, potter Elisa Sanazar several months ago.


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