Crown of Dust


This relic is a fragment of a crown of gold, about a third of the whole. The piece is still wearable – barely. Visions of raging sandstorms warm the blood of those who wear the fragment.

You gain a +2 item bonus to saving throws against ongoing poison and necrotic damage, as well as to skill challenge checks to survive or navigate desert hazards.

Power (daily – Summoning): Minor Action. Ranged 5. Summon a Medium dust devil in an unoccupied square within range. It then makes the following attack. Melee 1 (one creature); Strength, Reflex or Constitution vs. Reflex; 1d10 + Str, Ref or Con modifier damage, and the target falls prone. After the attack, the dust devil disappears.


A millenium ago, Ul-Athra was bested by the Dragon. The beast clove the primordial’s crown into three parts, all of which were lost to history until now . . .

The Crown seeks to be reunited into a whole item once again, and wants to find and resurrect Ul-Athra. The Freaks have recovered one fragment, but it does not know where to find its other fragments or the remains of Ul-Athra.

According to the Veiled Alliance, there is a Blood Jewel that is also part of the Crown.

Crown of Dust

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