Sorrowstones and Shardstorms

Mindworms plus Ramsee and the Pain Tyrant

Ember’s continuing journal . . .


The desert is death. I know this. I have walked in death’s land for much of my life, and seen countless people consumed by the hungry sands. And yet, today I feel anger at this tragic world, and at myself. The halfling Ramsee has fallen, with his blood on my own blade no less. Oh, intellectually I know it was the psychic control of this Gaj Tyrant that guided my blade with my hands, but sans my will. That doesn’t change the fact that my own life still continues thanks to the little maniac’s magic, while his is ended with my blade in his flesh. What angers me most, is my inability to cry over yet another sad moment in a sad life.

Dassalius is more deeply moved. I knew those two were friends at a deep level. The elf is shaken to he core, both from his own experiences with horror, and with grief. He will take the small body, as well as this so called seed of “life” back to Altaruk. I will head on to Gulg, to meet up with Maximus as planned. I know of a primal guardian safe house there, we will base ourselves from that staging ground.

So much for the Shanthic orb and it’s secrets. It is an ordeal perhaps best left unrecorded, and maybe, hopefully, one day forgotten.

I feel I have successfully mastered my demonic blood. Even the stress of loss wasn’t enough to break my control, and the power did not surface. With control, perhaps I can move on to mastery. I have revisited some of my arcane teachings, and have, I think, successfully learned a basic invocation or two. Likewise, my martial studies have paid off, although I feel I should devote myself more fully to the arcane. And then, with progress on these areas separately made, I can once again study a fusion of the techniques, swordmagery, from a more intellectual rather than instinctual viewpoint.

I carry with me some of the items that Ramsee was holding close, while other items will return with Dassalius. Also, these shanthic blades are intriguing – I have sequestrated a pair, although I doubt I will use them myself – their magic might prove incompatible with my own. Other nick-nacs include some wood from the tree of life, and some arcane formula for rituals. I could probably make use of these, with study. I wonder if the time will present itself to allow such study – mastering my own powers already consumes my time.

Onward to Gulg.


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