Sorrowstones and Shardstorms

An anonymous report



I have already documented the findings of my investigations beneath and around the Ardoth outpost. You requested a supplementary report on the group of five adventurers dubbed by the gladiatorial public as “the Freaks”.

As I mentioned, delays in the trip meant that the Dray would lose money on transporting the dwarf plus their egg cargo was starting to hatch. They decided to turn their guards into slaves to turn a profit. This didn’t work out so well for them.

The Thri-Kreen ThK!as is now free of his subjugation at the hands of the Dray trader Kaldras (eaten by a jhakar trapjaw). Kaz still has a weakness to the Shiveer, but the rest of the Freaks appear committed to keeping him off The Red. Of the Clan Scarmis Dray, only Gorbrak the Scarred (Kaldras’ enforcer) survived He still works for House Cleash in Altaruk.

As previously reported, during the outbound trip I confirmed Luclin Athral to be a member of the Chaln Khodre. He has since disappeared in the Screaming Ravine catacombs beneath the Ardoth outpost. The Captain of his Guard, Sir!, and his tutor Ahriman were the only survivors of the expedition. I closely watched the Half-Giant Haakon in his dealings with the Caravan Trader Kaldras concerning the dwarf carrier, Grak, and there was no sign that Haakon recognised any of this group.

It may be true that Luclin met with an unfortunate accident, or maybe he used some ruse in the Catacombs to escape the stewardship of Sir! and Ahriman. It is even possible that one or both of the survivors saw Athral for the foul necromancer that he was and assassinated him for us.

Grak wandered off one night towards the end of our trip. The Freaks tracked him down and gave him a permanent death. When they returned, Dassalius had suffered a minor wound to his back from the dwarf’s bone meat hook. In Altaruk the Necrotic Plague took hold of him and he travelled to the abandoned Threen Thriddle Inn. I understand from Khadija that you have since arranged for the removal of his affliction.

When you are satisfied with their competence and loyalty, maybe you could send the Freaks under the Inn to investigate whether there is another Sorrowstone down there. I cannot see any reason for the crafty Elf to be so close to the obviously inferior Halfling jester – unless he has a fetish for being eaten by a monomaniacal midget. Neither has made contact with the suspected Veiled Alliance in Altaruk so your guess about their loyalties is as good as mine.

Threat assessment: Minor

Recommendation: No action at this time


We who shall remain True.


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