Character Backgrounds

You can choose one Background from either your race or region.


Dragonborn (Dray): Clanblade or Spellscale

Dwarf: Desert Miner or Skilled Artisan

Eladrin: Haunted Survivor or Veiled Warrior

Elf: Market Thief or Sand Raider

Goliath (Half-giant): Feral Raider or Half-Giant Laboureer or Noble’s Guard

Half-elf: Charlatan or Exiled Survivor

Halfling: Nature’s Protector or Hunter or Renegade Mercenary

Human: None. Choose based on region.

Tiefling: Feed the Debt or Seeking Redemption

Mul: Broken, Beaten, Scarred or Freedom’s Call or Tattooed Warrior

Thri-kreen: Last of the Clutch or Explorer of the Worlds or Follower of the Great One


Tyr, the Free City: Embedded Spy or Freed Slave or Noble of Conscience or Revolutionary

Balic, City of Sails: Legionary or Patrician or Silt Sailor

Draj, City of the Moons: Calmec Scribe or Jasuan Knight or Pochte Trader

Estuary of the Forked Tongue: Merchant/Trader or Ruin Gleaner or Village Speaker

The Forest Ridge: Acclimated Trader or Liberator or Spirit Guided

Gulg, the Forest City: Enlightened Seer or Paper Wasp or Judaga

The Ivory Triangle: Beleaguered Sentry or Driven Bounty Hunter or Hardened Traveller or Wanted in the Seven Cities

Nibenay, City of Spires: Gifted Dancer or Walker of the Exalted Path

Raam, City of Unrest: Badna Dedicate or Dedicated Rebel or Honest Mansabdar

Ringing Mountains: Isolated Monastery or Mountain Tribe or Prospector

Road of Kings: Druid Initiate or Failed Merchant or Yaramite Descendant

The Sea of Silt: Archipelagan or Silt Prate

The Southern Wastes: Secret Order or Tamwar Dervish

The Tablelands: Herder or Land’s Guadian or Hopeful Entrepreneur

Urik, City of Lions: Gifted Potter or Scarred Miner or Watchful Astronomer

The Western Hinterlands: Hunting Tribe or Outcast or Feral Foundling

Character Backgrounds

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