Character Creation Rules

When coming up with a character concept please keep these setting characteristics in mind.

Character limitations are listed in the order that they appear in the Character Builder, use these options:

Custom Character Creation: Dark Sun, 4th level

1. Select Class: something in keeping with the setting – no Hybrids (or Vampires) please.

2. Select Race: select from these races only

3. Details: select from these themes only. Select one background applicable to your race or region from this list. They appear in the Character Builder in their own “Dark Sun” section. This is a good opportunity to train in a skill that fits your character concept but is not normally accessible to your class.

4. Assign Abilities: use 20 point buy. Remember you can drop one ability from 10 to 8. Don’t forget the Level 4 increases.

5. Train skills: no special rules.

6. Select powers: every player character has one wild talent psionic power. In the Character Builder this appears as “Level 1 Dark Sun” Power.

7. Select feats: no special rules.

8. Get equipment: magic items are very rare so we use inherent bonuses to keep up with the power curve. This means that it is worthwhile coming up with a cool story behind your main pieces of gear as you won’t be regularly replacing them. Note that none of your items are likely to be made of metal.

Manage Character: make sure Dark Sun and Inherent Bonuses are ticked.

If you don’t have access to the character builder then I am happy to record it for you on my account.

Character Creation Rules

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