When the wide stone tradeway from Altaruk changes into a hard-packed dirt causeway you are nearing the primitive city of Gulg

A population of 13,000 dwells in a cluster of forest dagadas (villages) enclosed by the Mopti Wall, with its 20 foot tall and wide razor-sharp brambles. Each Dagada has 10-50 huts surrounding a well with a fence around it.

The people use simple stone or bone tools and weapons (mostly spears and bows). Buildings are made of thatch or mud and the roads are little more than trampled earth.

The maze of twisting roads, small dusty squares, animal pens and groves of trees make it easy to get lost – even easier at night because there is only the occasional torch of watchfire.

Within some of the groves are huge dagafari trees, often with a lodge or shrine built in the branches.

Lalali-Puy’s templar witch-doctors are known as Nganga and her feral warriors are the Judaga.

Key locations

Sunlight Home – Lalali-Puy’s residence rests in the branches of a massive dagafari tree at the centre of the city. The horrid homes of many Nganga lie in the lower branches.

Kavaki’s house – this hunting lodge is part of a small traveller’s dagada in the Crescent Forest, close to the Queen’s Gate. The lodge is used as a safehouse for smuggling rebels in and out of Gulg. The Queen’s Gate is the only place where visitors are permitted to enter Gulg and one of the guard’s, Lazak-uk-uk, is willing to take bribes.

The Paper Wasp’s Nest – this was the large rambling home of Verung, an old scribe and Veilled Alliance member until he was magically charmed by Priscilla, a Templar of Hamanu, and killed by Maximus Sanazar. After the Freaks burned down the house, several bodies were found by the Judaga.

Slave compound – the dwarf merchant Ulruun the Repugnant used this compound to dominate the slave trade in Gulg. He would buy cheap from slave hunters, cleaning them up then sell on to senior Judagas and Ngangas. He mistreated the slave Elisa Sanazar and paid for it with his life.

Drum Circle – this part of the city is filled with nefarious types, none worse than Ken-Kentu Vek, a mystic assassin. Kavaki has a second home here for his half-giant dance studio.

Shrieking Skull – home of the mighty War Chief Mogansho. She has manu Judaga on hand and was Ember’s former owner.

Field of Spears – controlled by the Dratheen dagada, this arena is mostly used for one-on-one duels, but special celebrations will involve the death of slaves and monstrous creatures.

Bone village – Lalali-Puy’s ritual site lies somewhere in the Crescent Forest, but enslaved primal spirits keep anyone else from finding it.


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