Lalali-Puy and Silver Wind

The Sorceror-Queen Lalali-Puy is a goddess to her people. They call her the Queen of Gulg, the Oba, the Forest Goddess and the Mother of Trees and Beasts

According to the Oba, the Primal Spirits of the Crescent Forest hate the residents of Gulg and it is only Lalali-Puy and her Naganga (witch-doctors) who keep them at bay. In reality, the primal spirits have been enslaved and they do not like it.

The most powerful spirit under the sway of the Sorceror-Queen is Silver Wind. As a disciple of Silver Wind, Ember will do anything in her power to free the spirit.

From Verung the Scribe, the Freaks have learned that they require the assistance of the three next most powerful spirits: Desert Squall, Old Tree and Red Clay. Freeing these spirits means beheading each of their Nganga spiritbinders.

Verung was only able to learn the owner of Desert Squall, Gokaresh, but he things Old Tree will be owned by one of the Nganga living in the tree – under Lalali-Puy’s Sunlight Home. Red Clay’s owner is probably living underground.

The rebels known as Silver Wind’s Envoys may have more information for the Freaks, but they will not risk a meeting until Kavaki is satisfied that they can be trusted. Only then will the thri-kreen known only as the Oracle tell them what she knows about the other spiritbinders, and the ritual required to free Silver Wind.

Lalali-Puy and Silver Wind

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