Merchant Houses


House Shom – this company of miners and artisans is dominated by dwarves, but they also have mul, half-giant and other races working for them. Master Shank in Altaruk made a deal with the Freaks to rescue his dwarf miners from the Face in the Stone.

House Cleash – a family of Dray slave traders. The adventurers travelled from the Screaming Ravine to Altaruk with a House Cleash caravan commanded by the Dray merchant Kaldras. When several of the slaves were lost to a necrotic plague, Kaldras attempted to regain some profit by enslaving the adventurers. The dispute was resolved in the Bloodsand Arena with the death of Kaldras.

House Wavir – traders in animals for the arena, beasts of burden and sexually abused kank. Their Altaruk outpost is commanded by Rhotan Vor. Following the hard bargaining by Ramsee and Sir! in the recovery of a lost caravan, Rhotan hasn’t directed any more work toward the adventurers, but he still respects their assistance.

House Rhen – a group of elven cloth traders. They have do not have a presence in Altaruk, but Dassalius knows their senior representative in Tyr, Lady Sulesh, intimately.

House Madar – an ancient family of human merchants who traded in livestock, and were wiped out by House Tsalaxa. The Freaks discovered the ancient Vault of Darom Madar, the leader of the house, beneath the Three Thriddle Inn in Altaruk.

House Tsalaxa – nominally they trade in information, but this is rumoured to fuel blackmail, espionage and assassination.

House Stel – a human family based in Urik. They are master weaponsmiths and armourers. Maximus Sanazar was owned by this family for a time and was trained in their Gladiator School.

Merchant Houses

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