Secret Societies


Veiled Alliance – a collection of small cells dedicated to the protection of preserver magic and the downfall of defilers, including the sorceror-kings.

Silver Wind’s Envoys – this group is opposed to the the sorceror-queen Lalali-puy’s crusade against the primal spirits, especially the rain spirit, Silver Wind.

Servants of Ul-Athra – these cultists seek to bring about the return of the earth spirit Ul-Athra.

The True – despite Kalak’s assassination this group remains loyal to the former sorceror-king of Tyr and work to bring about his return. They have organised an insurgency against the regime of the new king, Tithian.

Chaln Khodre – a cabal of necromancers seeking to spread their death cult throughout Athas. Their greatest tool is the necrotic plague, which some members can spread using their symbolic weapon – the meathook. Yarnath the Lich is rumoured to be a member. Some of the most feared servants of the cult are the wraiths known as Imawgri.

Mind Lords – these alien intelligences known as the Shantha were a psionic race who destroyed their own world of Jorune when they attempted to meld all their minds. Their minds now inhabit massive slug-like creatures known as Psurlons.

Secret Societies

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