Tree of Life


From the notes of Yarnath the Lich:

“The ancients taught us that life always moves in cycles—that from death, life inevitably springs up again. They were wrong. The defilers taught us that the cycle of life can be broken, that destruction can be made final. This is why the ancient trees of life were sacred. They represented a deeper font of life, one that could not be permanently erased with ease. If one could find such a thing today, it would be a treasure beyond reckoning.”

—Gerlaq Sharptooth, druid of the High Ridge

A tree of life is a supernatural organism capable of bringing vitality to a devastated area, which makes it a treasure beyond price for preservers and others who would restore the verdure of Athas.

They are highly sought after by defilers as well, and in particular by the sorcerer-kings, for they allow defiling magic to be cast without destroying the surrounding vegetation.

Tree of Life

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