This campaign had a short run of three sessions in 2010 and resumed in 2013.

The adventures began with a trip from the Ardoth trade post near the Screaming Ravine to Altaruk. Here the player characters became known as the Freaks for their odd behaviour (including cannibalism and drug-taking) and lack of human members.

The Freaks took on some work in the the Dune Sea but eventually moved on to the Long Shadows mountain range and then the primitive city-state of Gulg.

Sorrowstones are stone obelisks of varying size that are reservoirs for rage and sorrow. They are often the focus of necromantic rituals.

Shardstorms are one of the most dangerous hazards on Athas. Obsidian ranging from tiny razor-sharp chips to massive boulders rains upon the hapless victims.

Character creation information can be found in the wiki.

Sorrowstones and Shardstorms

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