Bronk and Wiveer (Deceased)

Half-Giant husband and wife


On the way out of the Vault of Darom Madar, the adventurers were confronted by four Elven members of the Chaln Khodre cult, who had hired two Half-Giant thugs to help secure this significant necromantic cultural site. The Freaks came away from the fight with some fresh ingredients for Ahriman and two new associates . . .

The Half-Giants turned out to be a married couple who would prefer to wander around the town and arena of Altaruk selling Freaky Fast Food from large trays instead of beating people over the head with massive clubs. With a little encouragement, the Half-Giant town crier, Mowgah, has added some spruiking for the “restaurant” to the regular announcements he bellows throughout town.

They had their throats cut by elven assassins working for Hamanu.

Bronk and Wiveer (Deceased)

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