Ramsee (Deceased)

Halfling Sorcerer


Ramsee is a vicious little cannibal.

He is also a charmingly unstoppable manipulator.


Ramsee hails from the fabled Forest Ridge where, despite the lively ingredients, he became a little bored working as a cook. his long journey to Altaruk has brought him past the Screaming Ravine and through the dangerous Tablelands.

Chef Ramsee has created a talisman for detecting necromantic taint from the skull of an undead creature. Ramsee is known to have some quite heated discussions with the inanimate skull. He has also been seen trying to engage the crazed dwarf beggar, Birk Suntouched, in conversation. The skull appears the most responsive of the two.

Ramsee’s proudest moment was co-creating a food empire with his cousin Ahriman. No longer will the citizens of Altaruk go hungry, also in an unrelated matter Ramsee and Ahriamn have also opened a not for profit orphanage and retirement home to further ease the burden of everyday life for the general public.

Ramsee (Deceased)

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