Mul Warlord Templar


Sir! wears hide armour and shouts a lot.


Sir! was born a mul slave, learning much of his world view on his mother’s knee.

Sir! eventually earned his freedom and became the Guard Captain for Luclin Athral, a senior administrator in Kalak’s regime.

Following the Sorceror-King’s assassination, Luclin brought his household to a remote area far to the South of Tyr – the Screaming Ravine. Something horrible happened during an expedition to the catacombs that branch off the ravine. Sir! and Ahriman, a halfling tutor, were the only ones to survive.

Since arriving in Altaruk, Sir! has taken up a management role for Freaky Fast Food, a “restaurant” on the ground floor of a building in an out-of-the-way section of the Market quarter. The adventurers live above the shop, with the constant aroma of cooking meat – it smells a bit like bacon if you don’t think about it too much.

Sir! has heard tell of Zeburon the Iron Rider, a masked outlaw building a small force of wasteland raiders in the desert. He is becoming more daring in his challenges to the authority of the Sorcerer-Kings and Templars and should (in Sir!’s completely objective assessment) be put down like a dog.


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