ThK!as (Kaz)

Thri-kreen drug crazed gladiator


Kaz is a hulking brute of a Thri-Kreen, with a crusty chitinous carapace with an unusual russet tint, and blood red mandibles. By and large, he comes across as not all there, moreso than the usual difference in thinking between ’kreen and other fleshier races

Kaz’ main equipment is a kusuri-gama made out of the claw of a former clutchmate. Other valuable items are his drug supply. Beyond that – he has no other true possessions, although he will pack appropriate rations when his clutch is on a mission.


The other adventurers “freed” Kaz from his pseudo-clutch, a group of Dray in the service of House Cleash.

In his drug-induced dreams, Kaz is visited by primal spirits who convey flashes of racial memory.
Mostly this just confuses him.

There is evidence that, before his slavery, he may have been talented enough with the way and with martial arts to have been a revered warrior to his clutch, but all that remains of that possibility are a few oddly out of place skills and particularly strange mannerisms. Now, he is just what’s left after harsh slavery under the chains of drug addiction destroyed him.

Kaz has ultimately succumbed to the madness of his addiction, and while he may be seen occasionally, he is too random to be of consistant help.

ThK!as (Kaz)

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