Player Races

Dragonborn (Dray) – often mercenaries, sorcerers or slave traders.

Dwarves - labour as builders or farmers, with resolute determination.

Elves – ply the dunes and marketplaces; many are known as shifty traders or opportunistic raiders.

Halflings – feel most at home in the Forest Ridge, their ancestral land, and other Athasians fear their “savage ways”.

Humans – dominate the racial composition of most city-states.

Goliaths (Half-Giants) – brutal bodyguards or mercenaries for the wealthy and powerful.

Mul (Half-dwarves) – often serve as slaves, gladiators and labourers.

Thri-kreen – can survive on little. Packs hunt in the wastes and view everything through the predator-prey relationship.

Player Races

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